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Modern and pleasant!

Hiiumaa is a nice beyond the sea place where you can spend time together with your team, company members or customers. 

A modern and comfortable environment offers a number of ways to conduct a business meeting or informative seminar/training for your company's clients or society members._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b5cf58d_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b5cf58d_

You can find a sample package here:

Day 1

- Drive to Hiiumaa;

- We settle comfortably in the accommodation;

- Refreshing lunch;

- We start with a meeting, seminar or training or get to know the island for the first time;

- Free time to stretch your legs and listen to birdsong;

- Dinner.

Day 2

- Morning exercise with the help of yoga;

- Breakfast;

- Seminar, training or meeting with necessary equipment and food and drink;

- Free time to stretch your body and take a walk in the fresh air;

- If you are in a hurry, now is the time to pack your things and go to the ferry, if you can stay, be sure to consider the third day as well;

- We drive to enjoy the sunset and have dinner in a beautiful place.

Day 3

- Morning exercise with the help of yoga;

- Breakfast;

- It's time to pack your things and go to explore Hiiumaa by bus;

- You will find an exciting overview of the life and nature of the Hidians, art or rather fishing and seafaring;

- In the meantime, we refresh ourselves with a delicious lunch;

-  Now it's time to head towards the port set and return to the mainland.

It must have been a useful and invigorating trip!

The offer includes accommodation, catering and a seminar room in Kassari Vacation Village; with transportation and ferry tickets and excursion on the island.  

NB! We prepare a separate offer for each event. The price depends on the size of the group and what exactly we plan.

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